​The role of quiet, uninterrupted moments- silence cannot be over-emphasized in every life process. However, there are lots of misconception about silence such as being for the lily-livered, a synonym for stupidity. No matter the nobility; high or low, silence is essential.

Unfortunately, many do not even know the art of silence as they cannot withdraw from a lousy crowd for a brief moment of decorum. Perhaps, in our society, talking too much has never been a problem but being silent is wildly questionable.  
Even my roommate spares me no moment of peace whenever I try to be myself- silent. The trouble with the world at large is that decorum has become a scarce commodity, even garrulous people who have nothing meaningful to offer have now begin to pride themselves as honourables on the floor of the “hallowed chamber”. 

Without meaning to allude the article which appraised Egbon Dara’s show during the recent AFAS powwow stakeholders meeting, I am only reminded of honourable Onibonje from History constituency who confidently tagged the VP’s creative idea to send food packages that belong to freshers to president of the various departments they belong to in order to ensure a “CLASHless” AFAS freshers’ orientation programme. 

He said, “I am ashamed of you Madam VP.” He also tagged her as immature for an idea he blindly refused to view objectively before speaking. Shhhhhhhh, ha Onibon- silence. Thanks to the honourable speaker who apologized to Madam VP on his behalf though indirectly.

Meanwhile, there are instances where silence is to be done with. Even Martin Luther pronounces that our lives end the day we become silent about things that mattered. Of what use is an honourable who cannot contribute to matters arising?

 Jesus, Mary, Joseph, if there salary was being paid, that is how some honourable would be paid for being “bench-warmers” 

“Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker, point of critical observation” in the words of the Chief Whip who I think is being over-zealous, it is dishonourable if the speaker has to take it upon himself to make honourables who have been appointed to represent the interest of their departments in legislative affairs contribute to matters.  

As a matter-of-fact, being lukewarm is not honourable. However, an honourable should learn not to dishonour himself by thinking twice before speaking. 




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