Effective leadership is not by making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes– Peter Nader

Great people are those who learn from the success and mistakes of their predecessors; they take steps to ameliorate the success and look for ways of avoiding the mistakes. Only an injudicious man will annihilate the achievements of his predecessor.

Mr Ojo

During the Adeoye Adejare administration the general secretary was applauded for restoring the sanity of our secretariat. Mr. Kolapo lawal the then general secretary broke the norm and made sure AFAS Secretariat became a secretariat in name and indeed. The office was renovated and the General Secretary made sure sanity was restored by shunning those who could serve as antagonist to the dreams he had for the secretariat. Despite the fact that Mr Kolapo also had his flaws, he would always be remembered and appreciated for his diligence in bringing order and sanity to the secretariat which was turned into a “saloon and chat room” during the Emeka Anaigboso tenure. 
It is no argument that Mr. Kolapo Lawal set the bar high for the next general secretary; something every observant AFASite knows, but unfortunately, what do we have now? A general secretary who does not know his duty. Come to think of it, there were days when I saw Mr. Kolapo sweeping the secretariat, not because he didn’t know what to do with his precious time, but because he understood the true essence of taking up a leadership position. To be a true leader, you have to get busy serving and not playing Monopoly! I am not trying to say that our General Secretary shouldn’t have a life because he decided to serve his faculty, all I am saying is that, one should only think of playing after one has worked. Why should our general secretary keep playing when our secretariat is being transfigured to suit hair stylist, game players and dirt? 

When I think of it, it is like the General Secretary is trying to avoid making political enemies. But should that be at the expense of your name or integrity? It is high time our leaders understood that what they do today would one day be referred to as history but will always be remembered.

 When will our general secretary restore sanity at the secretariat, will that be when you are about to leave the office or what legacy do you intend to leave for your successor? Now, all we have is a dirty secretariat with unemptied bin, bottles of Zobo, Kunu on the floor and piles of dirty and abandoned clothes.

Recently, an AFASite wanted to pay her dues but on getting to the office, she met some guys at the door and they prevented her from entering the office, they told her none of the executives was around. According to her, they were very rude to her and she saw some of them putting their legs on the table.Why should some people be allowed to dominate AFAS office and turn it to a private game centre or chat room? The office is not serving its purpose any longer and it is time for the general secretary to wake up to his duty and restore the sanity and dignity of our secretariat. 

I can remember vividly that when  that when Mr. Ojo was interviewed before he was elected into office, he stated that he was tired of seeing the norm being repeated in the faculty and he wanted progress. Now we are left wonder, is this what the general secretary meant by progress- a dirty secretariat and a secretariat turned saloon and game centre or has he rented our secretariats to them? There is need for the general secretary to at once get his mind straight, he is not in the office to occupy space but to fulfill what he has promised AFASites. His duty is not just to keep minutes of meetings or welcome and send correspondence. He is to ensure that the secretariat is as neat as can be. Sir! What you are offering is not progress but a regression.

John Maxwell says a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Whether the General Secretary knows the way of not is not for me to decide but if he doesn’t know the way, he should go and learn from those who have gone ahead of him. Winston Churchill said the price of greatness is responsibility. If the General Secretary desires to have his footprints on the sand of time, it is time for him to wake up from his slumber and do that which is require of him with effectiveness.                                                                                                                                                                     



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