​When we talk about celebrating student talent, it’s people like AYODELE SHALOM we have in mind. She writes: 

The Masterpiece

She writes

“Usually we meet people everyday, wealthy, well to do people. We love their present life and want to enjoy all the good things they enjoy too. We only see the fun in their lives. We never see the past pains and sacrifices they made to get to where they are. The black and white backdrop represents the sleepless nights on projects and Sacrifices, while the colourful pieces symbolises their present life (the one we envy). 

In the real sense of it all…the colourful pieces is never complete without the black and white backdrop. My message to people from this is… “You don’t just wake up to a successful life. Trust the process, it’s worth it”. 

Lovely isn’t it?

Ayodele Shalom

Muminat Adekunle