The most famous tournament in the Faculty of Arts, probably in the University of Ibadan, the Super Four just took its leave few days ago and some of the unexpected happened. There were moments: sad, jubilant, surprising and a host of other feelings expected to be in a tournament as huge and popular as the Super Four. There were moments of the unexpected happening and the hopes of many dashed.

In the opening day of the tournament, English and Philosophy exhibited good football but the experience and prowess of the Philosophers gave them the edge over all other departments in the tournament. Two early goals were all they needed to calm the English guys down. Before the English guys could get themselves back, the Philosophers took the advantage. It was like that until the end of the first half. So, it was a game won for Philosophy even before the second half began. Like a determined cock trying to get corn out of a closed bottle, the English guys replied with an early goal in the second half but it seemed too late as the Philosophers took advantage of a defensive blunder and the best player of last session’s Deans Cup, Chima, booked his first goal of the tournament. The Thespians and Historians took it on each other and there was nothing to separate them as they drew the match, 1-1. As at the end of Monday, 3rd of April, 2017, the Philosophers were on top of the log and English at the bottom of the log.

The second match day witnessed nothing different from the first day as English took on all their strength and took their pound of flesh on the Thespians. Thanks to a late goal from Ismail, the CR7 of the department of English. The Philosophers seemed more than determined in their chase for the trophy as they pounded the Historians 3-0. A very early red card for Chima could have given the Historians what they needed but they didn’t take their chances and they lost emphatically to Philosophy. The table remained as determinant as ever as Philosophy stood erect on top of the table with six points and they could smell the trophy. English, who took it out on Theatre Arts in the morning stood second while Theatre Arts stood on the third spot, having the same points with History but outplayed them on goal difference. The Historians had no hope of taking second as at then.

The final day of the tournament, Friday 7th of April, 2017 witnessed wonders, mouth-watering moments, hopes dashed and some dying hopes awakened. The English guys went to the pitch to have a good time of football with the Historians and before the end of the first half, they amassed three goals to themselves. The Historian defender-turned-goalkeeper, Radical Bayo had to excuse the other guys probably because he was tired of conceding goals. The original goalkeeper took the gloves and continued the match. The English guys had a good time keeping the ball on the ground and they played the best and most interesting match of the tournament as they scored six and squandered several chances which could have given them up to eight or nine goals. The Historians were able to pull one back from a long range shot from one of their midfielders.  That was the beginning of the turnaround for the English guys. All they needed to lift the trophy at that moment was for the Philosophers to lose with two goals, maybe a 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, 5-3 or thereabout. Any loss for Philosophy would put them on the same level but the Philosophers would have won considering their head to head meetings. It was never expected that the Philosophers could even lose to the Thespians. What could have been a down to their morale was the red card of Chima but which had been reviewed the night before the game, so, he was ready to play. For some English guys, all hope was lost but for some, football could bring anything.

The match which was the last for the tournament and which was unarguably the determiner of the trophy started around 12pm on Friday. The Thespians entered in a very playful and unserious manner and the referee blew for kick off. There was a display of good football by the two sides and for the first fifteen minutes, there was no goal to record but very close to thirty minutes, the Thespians took the lead and there were cheers. As if it was not enough, before five minutes passed, they responded with another screamer and this got the English guys praying that they keep this to the end. This continued till the end of the first half and the Thespians came back on pitch after the fifteen minutes break as usual, playfully. For a very long time during the second half, there was no goal, all we could see were a numbers of chances wasted. When it seemed like the game was coming to its climax, the Thespians brought the calmness back with a sweet goal which totally broke the backs of the Philosophy. Almost immediately, the Philosophers replied with a very quick counter-attack and this piled pressure on the Thespians and the expectant Grammarians. At a time when everyone had their breath taken, the referee got in contact with his stopwatch and alas, English emerges champion of the Super Four. There were a series of fights and arguments among the Philosophers as to whom the crown belongs to. The Sport Director settled the case by analyzing that English won with a difference of one goal and that is that about the SUPER FOUR. English won the SUPER FOUR..


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