​The Faculty of Arts Legislative Council (FLC) has suspended the faculty’s Director of Information and Publicity, Badmus Adebayo. 

The council made this decision despite the epileptic presence of honourables in a sitting on Wednesday, 5th April, 2017 at Room 71.

Bayo, a student of the department of History had had his position as the AFAS Director of Information and Publicity hanging on the balance when he posted on social media that he was resigning to pursue a higher political office at the Students’ Union (SU) level which he however, disclaimed.

Having been subjected to session of questioning and reading from a long epistle from the speaker’s archive of wisdom, Bayo agreed to being  guilty.

Two motions and a subsidiary motion and after voting, he was suspended for 4 weeks with copies of letter addressed to AFAS Press, offices and departments within the faculty; Union of Campus Journalists, (UCJ), SU, among others.