​Tokunbo Jaboro, Canadian-based producer, scriptwriter and director of Saving Dreams has in an interview with AFAS PRESS expressed joy at having some ties with the Premier University. 

The producer whose movie, Saving Dreams has so far bagged a staggering 19 awards since its release last year confirmed this during an interview with Muminat Adekunle. He says:

“I may not have finished from there but I love that school. To all the UI students, I respect you all; I am glad to have some ties to UI and you guys are the best.” 

While narrating his experiences during his brief stay in the institution, T.J as he is fondly called recounted that he was a student of the Department of Mathematics for less than two years. He narrates:

“In the first couple of months in UI, there was an opening to contest for departmental president and being a rookie, I jumped into the race and I was the 3rd best candidate even though I was new and knew nothing about the department. I loved that experience

“I was a resident of Kuti Hall. I have some interesting memories about my days in UI, and I want to give a shout out to Queens Hall, Idia Hall, Awo Hall, these were part of the memories I carried with me.”

T.J also used the opportunity to advise struggling youth and urged them not to give up but continue pushing their dreams. He says, “Nobody understands your journey better than you do. So don’t stop pushing and keep saving the dream.”       

Muminat Adekunle 


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