​I was cheerless and for a while, I thought all life had to offer was gloom and despondence. Everyone who saw me wondered why I had this woebegone expression but really, my face could not feature otherwise because I felt crestfallen, what went wrong with me? Why do things have to turn out this way?

 I have always thought and walked with the turn of mind that I had something inside of me, believe me when I tell you, there were days I felt like a giant within. I believed so much that the world needed me and maybe not everyone but there are certain people who woe will befall if I don’t get to them. I was quite certain of that until rejection knocked down my walls, and rendered me speechless and unable to fathom the whole essence of my being. 

I asked myself series of questions but luckily for me, I was able to metamorphose my tragedy to a success story by changing some things about me. There are days when we feel inferior because we made certain mistakes, and we end up castigating ourselves or allowing people around us to look down at us. We make mistakes and begin to doubt the efficacy of our dreams, goals and ambitions in life. We feel we have nothing or less to offer people around us. However, I write to tell you that I have also felt that way but more important is what changed about me. I came to the realization that even scars were needed in life. 

Scars are needed for our advancement and fulfillment in life. Many of us will never get to grow until we realize we have weaknesses, until we know that there are certain areas in our lives that need improvements. Scars help us to recognize that we are human and provide a drive to change certain areas of our lives. 

If you intend to achieve anything in life, you need to move beyond your scars. they will definitely come but very important is that, you do not reprimand yourself beyond measure. Whatever the case may be, never underestimate yourself. The moment you begin to see a failure in yourself, you give others the license to see same. Every change that happens to a man starts from within and if you are the chief castigator who feels because you have made certain mistakes, you can’t achieve anything then you give yourself little room for the best. 

It is also very important that you do not allow the opinions of others to shape your life; don’t get me wrong, there are times when you need to hear from people in order to make certain changes in some areas but the moment those you move with only point to your flaws, please give them a break. Do not allow them to put off the fire that burns ferociously inside of you by always pointing you to the reasons why you can’t achieve those goals and dreams.

The next thing is to make-up your scar(s) and become a model. Some of us have facial scars but we have learnt the art of using our make up so well to make them unnoticeable by people. We look extremely perfect and only someone who choose to have a close look at us will see them. Do not be good at making up your face alone. Your scars also need a make-up/make-over, make-up for those inabilities, make-up for those things you feel make people taunt you, not because you want them to find something else to say but because you know that your goals and dreams are greater than your flaws and they surely worth your sacrifices. Remember, nothing comes easily.

Finally, it is necessary that you have the future in view. When you ask many successful people what kept them going, they will always say, “I wrote out my plans, so even when I got exhausted or it seems things weren’t working just the way I planned it, I go back to the drawing board to get back my energy”. Writing your goals are essential and interesting. There are days when you will feel life has nothing to offer you, there are days when you feel life doesn’t have a place for you, don’t be dismay, just always have the future in view, when it seems those limitations are more than you can bear, just go back to your drawing board and get back the energy life sapped from you. Do remember that your goals and aspirations are greater than anything limiting you. 

Do have a great week!



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