I WILL COMMIT SUICIDE IF…       by Mojoyinola Ajibola

Life is not for me. No man cares for me and definitely God is less concerned about me. Will I continue life in this ravenous world? 

I live in a state of abject poverty despite working tirelessly in University and graduating with a second class upper degree. Is been four years now, even with my degree, I was turned down with the staff of unemployment struggling in my neck like the cow fastening to be killed for festival. But books house wealth! Hmm! In fact, I’m tire of life, I will commit suicide. Yes! What a hell I am!” 

Those were the words of a 33-year-old man, who graduated from the University of Ibadan four years ago. When does suicide become something a man wonders about? No newspapers talked not about Efe, the winner of BBNaija, his creativity won him an indelible prize. He thought Nigerians a lesson that they might not have realized otherwise. When we were young, we were told that education is the key to success. I wonder, why did the government not tell us that they have changed the key to entertainment? Hence, we join Olamide, Tuface, Wizkid, Basket Mouth just to mention but a few to establish University of Entertainment, so as to cater for the upcoming Efes. Thus, we house much money. 

Now, a student of University of Ibadan, Department of Veterinary Medicine who emerged as the best graduating student for 2015/16 academic session, Adebayo Kolawole was given a token of 50000 naira, with all his efforts: MTN (morning till night) and even TDB (till day break) reading; adopting six years of crusade in the church, department’s run of the mill, but, was appreciated with money that cannot buy IPhone not to talk of SUV.  What an Irony! 

Several competitions do hold in the University of Ibadan where student brings to view their creativity, the likes of Jaw War,  an avenue for the public speaker to unfurl their speaking prowess, the just concluded Jar War winner was given a mini-laptop, after three long months of verbal exhibition and jawjaw wrestling. However, BBNaija appreciates her members with something that is superexcellent, albeit, with little stress, even with no stress. And Etisalat, MTN and lots will present millions of naira to anyone who wins their competition. This is a great slap to education. In fact, education is the key to success. 

When education kills the intellectuals with abject poverty, entertainment grabs the so called illiterate and turn them to literate in a twinkle and richness marries their way. Many have died because of unemployment, in fact, myriad people have died because they are hopeless, even while on campus.  A case in point is a 500-level student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho (LAUTECH), Adesoji Adediran, who committed suicide. Who knows  perhaps, the hopelessness of Nigerias educational system caused it. When society can no longer hold, things will start falling apart. 

Ditto, a final year student of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Tobechukwu Okeke, also committed suicide. His colleagues opined that it was due to Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM)’s crash down, that upset the apple cart. Depression births suicide. Who knows whether he thought of his fate after finishing academics? And Nigerian education spoke no hope but rope which led him to his grave. 

According to jobberman.com, the Lagos-based firm said about a total of 41,032 (45.72 percent) of the 89,755 people who applied for job were graduates. Meanwhile, if thousands who were not chosen were initiated to robbery or any malicious act, there is high probability that they will embark on it, because, things with feathers never fly for them. So, they act on what sees by the hunger. Thus, there is social unrest. 

We learn from the Qur’an and Bible that gratitude and commendation are the tools which inspires people. That’s why God promise us super-excellent rewards, paradise. And we are inspired by this, and put all our strengths to achieve this indelible prize. If government does not take note of this, many more suicides will impregnate the society.


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