MIND of my OWN

​I have a mind of my own so why won’t you let me speak with my own voice?-Steph

By: Oluwaseun LIJADU Isaac

Let us be sincere with ourselves: nobody likes to be forced to do anything. We all at one point or the other in our lives would rather do things of our own accord rather than have a rope around our neck to do the master’s bidding. I guess we all have minds of our own to reason out decisions from, hence, we will do anything to express this human freedom in diverse manner against all odds from negating factors.

It is true that biology gives man a brain but in a smuch as this is essential for his own development and existence, it is life that turns it into a mind and haplessly there be many among us who are mindless of this fact therefore finding it hard to make crucial decisions on their own without the influence of a second party. Need I say that we all at one point or the other have been guilty of this but here is the wake-up call: grow a mind of your own and stop being tossed around by friends and peer pressures.

The good thing about having a mind of our own or learning to have a mind of our own is that it deploys the brain with exceptional skills, it is a mental technique of paying careful attention to the workings of your own mind. Hence, one develops expertise in controlling the flow of his mental life avoiding emotional squalls that often compel us to take personal feelings so personally and cleaning new channels for awareness, calm, compassion and joy.

In addition, there are possibilities that having an independent mind can modulate our moods, regulate our emotions and increase cognitive capacity; therein we can all become high performance users of our own brains. What I am talking about is a long-term strategy for cultivating the heart and mind to fully draw forth the beneficial capacities of the human mind. 

It is not a new thing that social media platforms, video games, calls , non-stop emails to mention but a few all turn our attention span to smithereens and clouds our judgement on things that suggest common sense and rationality be applied to. It is true that this computer age does a swell job of distracting us but perhaps the problem lies not only in our friends and technologies but our readiness to rule our minds.

Outside all these, developing a mind of one’s own does not only increase decision making capacity, it also increases chances of success, help curtail impulsive behaviour from peer pressure, improves focus and promotes congruence; avoiding situations in which we have to choose between desires.

In conclusion having an independent mind is one of the most important skill that we can we learn to harness the positive effect spill over into many diferent parts of our lives and allow us to make decisions and experience a better reality, note that a mind of your own is not shutting out good morals, logics and advice but it is you involving your mind in the activities of personal judgements and practical life decisions.

“I am indeed a king because I know how to rule my mind  – Pietro Aretino.

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