​Awolesi Orimidara, the President of the Nigerian Universities Education Students’ Association (NUESA) has endorsed the candidacy of Akanni Olamide (Olamide), Akande Henry Samuel (Waza), Omonua Godsent (Godsent) and Oluseye Ibukun Oyewo (IBK Nation) in the forthcoming Student Union (SU) elections.

The Large Lecture Theatre (LLT), Faculty of Education was a sight to behold on April 13th, 2017 as Awolesi presented each of the endorsed candidates with great fanfare to the faculty during the occasion of the freshers’ orientation programme for Educators. While lauding the candidacy of Miss Akanni Olamide, a candidate for the office of the SU Vice President(VP), he says, “for an assured Union, you can bank you trust with Miss Olamide…”

Other candidates were not left out as he showered encomiums on them. While Godsent Omonua who is vying for the position of House Secretary was given the title of the man “sent from God to cater for the welfare of the students” Waza, a candidate for the office of Assistant General Secretary (AGS) was described as the man “who is ready to assist the generality of students in the University of Ibadan.” IBK Nation was not left out as he was lauded as the one who will “improve the sporting activities of students…” The candidates also seized the opportunity to thrill the students with political displays.



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