​Whatever you do, do it well because every day, every time, every single moment counts” – Adeyemi Esther, proud owner of Tirzah, a startup

It was a swell time talking with a fellow Afasite, Adeyemi Esther as she shared interesting bits of experiences, career and many more with AFAS PRESS. The rising star team presents this beautiful, vivacious fashionista to you all. She is not just a pretty face in the crowd but a bundle of talent and inexhaustible energy. Sit back and enjoy as we unveil and unfurl our rising star this week.
Who is Adeyemi Esther? 

I am a 400 level student at the Department of Communication and Language Arts. I’m the 5th of 6 children; the last girl although I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I attended Praise Nur/Pry School, Akinyemi, Ring-Road, Ibadan. High school was in FGGC Ipetumodu. I grew up in Ibadan, Ring Road to be precise. My childhood was fun because I had enough siblings to play with. I was pretty much everyone’s favorite. Well, my parents are Mr. and Mrs. Adeyemi. They are both self employed. I enjoy writing, crafting and sleeping. I dance sometimes,. I’m a Bible believing Christian. 

What is your relationship with your parents like?
Hmmmmm. I can’t really say it was all fabulous. I mean sometimes we disagree about issues and all that. Plus I was more of Daddy’s girl. We have a pretty cool relationship. We talk about a lot of things. 

So tell us, what do you do?
I own a start up. It’s named Tirzah which simply means “Beloved” in Hebrew. It’s basically a crafts business. I’m into making accessories for both sexes.

Accessories such as bracelets, lockets, chokers, anklets, bedazzled phone cases, Lapels, brooches, designed earpieces, earrings. Basically, my room is my work zone. I’ve been a fan of doing stuff for myself and my circle since I was young, right from primary school. But I decided to come out officially on the 1st of this month (March) this year.

How has it been with the business, what challenges do you encounter? Do you think it’s your calling?

It’s been going on well. I believe it’s one step at a time. I enjoy crafting; that’s the honest truth. I’m not sure there’s any start up that doesn’t have its challenges but every challenge/obstacle is a stepping stone.

Who are your target customers?

Well…pretty much everyone that can rock an accessory

What motivated you to go into craft work?

The love for it is enough but then, I never forget the God factor.

Are you in any relationship?

No I’m not.

What’s your philosophy of life? 

Whatever you do, do it well because every day, every time, every single moment counts.

So do you plan to expand on your accessory business after your degree or do you have another career path in mind?

Yes I intend to. And at the same time complete my diploma in French.

Thanks for your time, Esther. 

The pleasure is all mine. 


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