​It has been observed that there have been changes in the curriculum of most departments in the Faculty. Such changes include renaming of courses, change of course codes, addition of new courses and most importantly the change from 7.0 grading system to 4.0 grading system. Freshers and returning students alike, have been agitated by the change. It is in view of this that an AFAS PRESS (AP) correspondent, Tope Lanre Bello, engages the Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Adams Olufemi Akewula. Excerpts below as transcribed by Lillian Njoku:

Dr Akewula
SUB DEAN: I am Dr. Adams Olufemi Akewula, the Sub Dean, General, Faculty of Arts.

AP: What is the implication of the change in curriculum for the fresh students?

SUB DEAN: The change in curriculum is meant to add to knowledge, that is, the existing body of knowledge that we have. The second aspect of it is that it will also enhance the value of our academic portions. It is not all the departments that have changed their curriculum but few departments in the faculty have changed theirs and the total units that the students will be asked to take for a particular session is now 40 starting from this 16/17 academic session. At the same time, the University of Ibadan, not only University of Ibadan though, N.U.C regulation is that all Nigerian universities should be using 4-point grading system. The 4-point grade ranges from 70-100, 3 point is from 60-69, 2 point is from 50-59, 1 point is from 45-49 and zero is from 40-44. So if any candidate scores less than 45, such a candidate has scored zero. 

AP: What is the implication for the returning students?

SUB DEAN: The implication for the returning students is that they will still maintain the 7 points grading system. But for the 200 level students, the continuous assessment still remains 40.

AP: There is a change in curriculum but students of the faculty have not been given new prospectus to that effect. What can you say on that?

SUB DEAN: I understand but it depends on each department. For example in Arabic and Islamic Studies Department, what I did was to give orientation to all the 100 level students because I know that the new syllabus starts with them. It doesn’t affect the Direct Entry (D.E) students because they are moving with former 100L students. So what I did was to orientate them and give them the new courses they were to register. I gave them their new curriculum and we try as much as possible to extract the new courses out.

AP: Is there any implication for 200L students that failed their 100L courses?

Sub dean: Yes you see, what they need is that if it is a required course, it’s not necessary that they do the same course that they failed. What they only need to do is to satisfy the number of units that they failed in 100 level. Not everything changed totally. Let me use English for example. If you have ENG101and a student fails ENG101 in 100 level and ENG101 has been changed to ENG111, it is just that the content will be changed. The content will be more than it was in ENG101, if it is a compulsory course.

AP: What about in a situation where the course has been split into two?

Sub dean: Thank you very much. It is the course that will be split into 2 but not the units. So it is either the units of the two courses that have been split will now be 6 units but the candidate needs the number of units, maybe just 3, the candidate will just go for the 3 units.

AP: We noticed that a new structure is about to be erected in front of Room 32. What is that?

Sub dean: It is a boardroom for the faculty. Faculty of Arts doesn’t have a boardroom. There are two meetings that are very crucial: Faculty Board of Arts and Board of Arts Studies. All these meeting are not supposed to be held at the Dean’s office; they are supposed to be held in a boardroom. That is why the Faculty in collaboration with the Management is trying to erect it since it has been approved by Physical Planning Unit.

AP: Thank you very much sir. Can the session still end in October, considering the various industrial strike actions embarked upon by the different labour unions?

Sub Dean: You know we are not new in the system. There is no way the session will end in October because since it is 12 weeks or 13 weeks for teaching and revision, how many weeks have we spent for the teaching? So these weeks that we missed must be replaced by the University authority. It happened last season that we spent like 2 months at home, 2 months were added.

AP: Your words to students of the Faculty.

Sub dean: They should know that academic pursuance is their primary assignment here on campus and they should not limit themselves. They should try as much as possible to engage themselves in entrepreneurship, something that can also be useful and beneficial. It shouldnt be classroom work alone.

AP: Thank you for speaking with Afas PRESS sir.

Sub dean: You’re welcome.


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