The legislative council deserves to be bribed with honours and medals for its activities so far. Everyone may not subscribe to this but I have been a close- to -consistent observer of its sitting and I know what it is to sit down assessing matters like budget.

Perhaps, that is why some honourables are hardened late-comers, why some abandon the expectations of their constituency, why some walk out of the house to do 30minutes to an hour work-out. Please, I did not say I saw anyone doing so.

Yet I would like to ask the speaker, there are thirteen departments in the faculty, each department ought to have three representatives on the floor of the house, where are they?

You cannot imagine that our hallowed honourables spend close to three hours and above on every matter that concern AFAS especially budgets.  This is no inflated statement;one has to take a step at a time where the money that belongs to the father of nobody is involved. Kudos to the honourables.

But be warned, even with their eyes wide opened; some executive members still embezzle. Perhaps, it is a Nigerian thing; in the blood.Do not ask if there are no investigative or audit whateverafter all.  Be informed that the chairman, Investigative Committee, Abdulsalam Shakiru had sworn that no kobo would disappear under his watch.

But as a point of information, do you mind if I ask where you were when the world stopped turning recently. I mean when some cash were discovered at Osborne Towers.

Now, to get back to the journey, as a result of what I witnessed on the floor of the house, I realize that there has always been a clash between prices, quality and the care of the council for the treasury.

When Ojo Adewale, the General Secretary of AFAS presented in the budget of his office a sum of #2,500 for the purchase of a mouse, I never expected the honourbales to debate much on that.

But I realised it would not pass easily as the chairman of the Investigative Committee; Honourable Abdulsalam Shakiru had done his findings. The chairman told the council, that the price he got for a mouse was #500 while Ojo Adewale claimed he priced a good and quality mouse at #2,500 at Ikeja, Lagos State.

And there it should stop. Abdulsalam Shakiru should not carry more than his office expects for sometimes, being overzealous is just another part to creating enmity. Rumour had it that the chairman counted every plate of rice for the AFAS Freshers’ Orientation programme.

I forgot to ask if Ojo Akinwale went to Lagos deliberately for that. WEHDONESIR!

To save a dead horse from dying, motion and counter motion were moved and eventually a mouse was approved at the sum One Thousand Naira only (#1,000).

I see no fault in anyone; I see fault in things done by everyone which makes it hard to understand the agreement between men and what they do. It becomes clear to me that the problems we have with purchases in Nigeria mostly do not concern the quality but the amount we have to do away with in this time that we are in. Even the honourables are recession-minded.

The last time I asked a Computer Engineer, he said there are actually mouse sold for #500 but such would not last. However, there are exceptional cases.

A mouse may be bought for #2,500 yet would not outlast a month. Price does not determine quality. However, I hope the General Secretary would not end up mocking the honourables if at the end of this semester; he had to return to request the approval of fund for another mouse.

I was in Bodija on Friday and I planned to get a new toothbrush. My mother had told me to always replace it every three months and so, it becomes an obligation. There were varieties to choose from but at the back of my mind, I had concern for my pocket

The moment she placed the options of #50, #70, and #100, I asked her if the one that goes for #50 is hard, she said yes and I went for it. Yes, it was hard as I would like it but the toothbrush went into the bin on Sunday morning. The rest is history.

My appreciation goes out to the following without a naming ceremony; the honourable from European studies who at least gave me hope that the FLC is still a seat of wisdom.The Deputy Clerk who helped us with the prices of some items except I am lost when you said your mother “used to sell…”; the honourable whose charity to provide the General Secretary with some stationery will always be in our heart.

And the honourable whose surname does not defy his manner of conversation; thank you for not coming; the honourable who suggested that the #10 be approved for colour printing for AFAS PRESS; anunderstanding of what “PAY-BACK-TIME” means.

Thank you to the honourables who queried the usefulness of AFAS PRESS to the association yet hope is not lost that some are not blind to the intellectual benefit of the press. The honourable who would not stop disrespecting the office of the Chief Whip and those who are yet to stop making the speaker take it upon himself to make them contribute to matters…THANK YOU ALL.




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