​The atmosphere of the Presidential debate which held on Saturday, April 22nd was heated as aspirants engaged each other in a battle of wits. All the aspirants are asked to step forward for a debate and paired. This is the proceedings of the as transcribed by Muminat Adekunle:

Mr Hamzat (for mediation) Vs. Mr. Aderemi (for radicalism)  – Panacea to Student Victimisation: Mediation or Radicalism 

Mr.  Hamzat

Mediation is a way used to meet concerned people, by letting them know in one way or the other why victimisation is wrong. Mediation is good if truly we must achieve what we have been elected to do, we have flaws and as such tendency to make errors but the way to correct us shouldn’t be through victimisation. This could be likened to a child that makes mistake and the parents are wont to beating such child. A time will come when that child be become unteachable and do even more than he was doing before he was punished. Therefore, in that case, mediation will work in letting such child know that capital punishment is not what is required. The same applies to a student who has done wrong. Capital punishment is not what is right in cases where students are found guilty. They should rather always temper justice with mercy. Mediation is preferred to radicalism. 

Mr.  Aderemi
Ladies and gentlemen, for every extremely measure an equally extreme policy is needed to defeat it. Last year,  a student of Obafemi Awolowo University was expelled from the institution for posting on Facebook. He sued the school, won the case and he was apologised to. Two years ago in our own University of Ibadan, Michael is a comrade: he was suspended, he went to court, he was reinstated. Akinola, a former SU President of OAU, Ifè was suspended and put in prison for six months. He argued the school to court, he won and he was reinstated. When you are in a third world country like Nigeria where for every demand you make, you have to back it up with a touch of radicalism. Anything asides this is feeding bottle activism. I repeat, for every extreme measure, extreme policy is an equally important paraphernalia to resist it and defeat it. Radicalism is impossible as far as Student Unionism is concerned in Nigeria. 

Mr. Bodunrin(for passion) Vs. Mr. Valentine – Passion Vs. Experience: The Ultimate Factor in Leadership

Mr Bodunrin:
Everyone here would wonder, “a 500 level student of Medicine and Surgery, what is he doing in the Students Union?”  But we have to ask ourselves, is it about my department? Is it about where I reside? Or about the passion inside of me. That passion is actually the confidence to assert that I would be a good leader. A leader is someone who leads a certain set of people. As a leader, do you really need the experience to lead? No! But you need the passion to believe in the things that you are leading; to believe in the people that you are leading. The passion that people will see in you and they will talk you to lead them. Definitely, passion is the king of leadership. When I was in 300 level, I contested for the position of Mellanby Hall Vice Chairman, that was the year I was writing my first Mb exam. Many people said: “Those guy, you are writing Mb exam, are you sure you are going to pass?” And I went ahead to organise Hall week. I said to them: “This thing s not about me; it is about the passion to serve you.” That was the passion that helped me and at the end of the day I was working to deliver. At the same time, I was able to pass my exams without a resit. Many people who didn’t get involved in politics at the time also failed and repeated. I have a lot of experiences but that experience is enough. It is not up to my passion. My passion is the reason why my  mates believe in me that I can be a leader. Passion is the ultimate key to leadership. Thank you. 

Mr Valentine 
Saying that passion is more important than experience in terms of leadership is tantamount to saying that the intention to give birth is more important than giving birth itself. As a matter of fact, experience is key to leadership and experience gives room for improvement. When you are an experienced leadership and you want to go for another position, it is the experience that you have had that will help you improve in your next position. He who is satisfied with what is better can never get what is best. One needs experience to grow.  Also,  experience for me is also advantageous to passion as passion increases with experience. If you don’t have experience most often, your passion to excel in a particular position dwindles like the Nigerian economy. I stand to state that experience is fundamental when it comes to leadership in order to be able to right the wrongs in previous leadership experience or positions which you have held. I remain Valentine and I stand to say that experience remains the ultimate factor in leadership. 

N. B: Audio is available on request. 


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