5 Must-have Footwears to Rock on Campus

Oh my. Shoes! I can totally kill for them. Running around campus can be stressful as hell  but with the right shoes? You will sail through as smooth as chocolate on the tongue of a girl in love. So I took the pain to compile a list of 5 footwears  that you must have to look fly while flying around. Happy right? Thank me later. It’s all because I want you to look fly while you are flying around. So here we go:


This is top on our list because it’s economical, comfy and stylish. With 1,200 naira, you can get slip-ons that look like they were stolen out of a luxury store. Also known as Toms, slip-on are also very popular amongst students. Toms are comfy and easy to remove. The unisex footwear always makes one walk with flexibility and no discomfort.    


Sneakers are one of the trending foot wears on campus. Both guys and ladies wear sneakers pairing it with almost all clothes. One thing some guys may not know is that they need to choose sneakers that ‘breathe’ and choose designs or perforations that will never trap in moisture so that they won’t have smelly feet. A good sneaker must always have some space to move your toes around, but still preventing your heels from slipping out. Note: If you want to get  new sneakers, after picking it up, you hold it and try to squeeze the sole at the heel. If it’s hard, it’s probably a good pair. Probably, if it feels soft, too soft, then the sole will become disoriented with time and lose its heel support causing pain when you walk. 

Then to know if it’s a hard shoe, try bending the front end backwards. If it doesn’t bend, it’s a bad hard sneaks and shouldn’t be worn. Good sneaks bend in the front end, but the rest two-thirds of the shoe all the way to the heels won’t easily bend. The reason they bend is to allow that flexibility while walking.  Always wear socks with sneaks. Stay away from white socks if you’re not doing some sort of athletic activity. It’s a fashion murder.  


We all know sandals are comfortable foot wears that both ladies and guys can wear. If you’re looking for economical and fashionable, Sandals should be your first option. There are many different types of sandals ladies can peer up with their clothing. We’ve got gladiator sandals, wedge sandals and other types but on campus, the best sandal to wear to class is the flat sandals so as to make walking easier. Wearing sandals reduces the risk of developing athlete’s foot. 


These ladies shoes are for events and formal wears especially Faculty dinners and departmental dinners. Ladies should always have at least one heel or pump especially black, and there are wedge sandals that go too. We all know heels make ladies look more outstanding and classy. 


Wingtips, Loafers, Oxford, Derbies and so on are formal shoes guys wear for formal events like dinners, seminars and so on.

So there you have it! Check out more fun student tips next week. See ya! 


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