For four years, we have watched with keen interest the rate at which ideas are being recycled amongst the crop of leaders who want to serve at the Students’ Union building. From the time of Babatunde Badmus, it seems the same set of ideas are been repackaged and sold to our non-mindful or deliberately nonchalant students. Our Students’ Union leaders have discovered this gap and have capitalized on this year in, year out.

The recently conducted Students’ Union election of 2017 was no different; in fact, it was worse than what obtained in the previous year’s considering what was presented by our students’ leaders but Uites are now beginning to regain their political consciousness and have woken up from their political ineptitude gradually such that, they are very careful of “who” and “whom” to vote for during elections. 

One will easily agree that many of the candidates we had couldn’t come up with new ideas, strategies or present their plans in innovative ways. It was just a show of recycled knowledge in a premier university that is known to be the “first and best”. The set of candidates for one post or the other are wont to make one appreciate more, past S.U leaders whose ideological retardation has not got to what can easily pass for a comatose.

The crop of leaders the S.U has been producing in the past four years would easily make one think that the Albert Einstein had UISU in mind when he said “Insanity is doing same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. This quote of 1925 should have phased out by now and the students of Einstein should have reviewed the quote to suit a more recent psychological problem if only the set of leaders promoted to be at the helm of affairs of our union through our vote choose to see the people’s problem.

How best do you describe a situation where the servant (union) is in a duel with its lord and trainer (school management) and seeking to win a coveted prize that could cost his lord what they have labored to build in years using the same strategy? Many of our leaders fail to realise that, the school management is aware that the Union is a pressure group and have put in place quality control measures because, some of them were once involved in unionism and are aware of the same strategy leaders employ in different cases. 

The school management can easily predict the next move, they know the union strength and weaknesses and would sometimes give our leaders the tingly feeling of victory in some cases when in actual fact, and the result remains the same. Although, we support the quality control measures of the school because, that is the way to put our students’ union in the right path of what can be called an ideal union that is commensurate with that which is obtainable in a sane society rather than growing to become a nuisance and going outside their confines as exemplified by unions in other schools.

The eye opener therefore is that, every law has its loopholes and that is the reason why there is room for repeal but before the loopholes are discovered by the management and a move for repeal is set in motion, our dear union can capitalize on it to press home their demands and serve its purpose of being a pressure group else, the ideas of its leaders would only continue to rove and consequent elections would only succeed in bringing about drivers of a roving idea. Leaders can also capitalize on the emotions of the school management if and only if what they have is for the benefit of students and not for personal gain. How? In every human no matter how wicked, there is always the innate tendency to feel pity especially in a father-child relationship but the only way is the right tactics to adopt to bring out this emotion in them. No school management is an opposition to good things in fact, it would be a bonus to them since, the glory will come back to them at the end of the day. 

The onus therefore lies on the new set of executives to deviate from what has been termed a norm and devise new strategies for tabling issues before the management if they are to make impact and if their tenure does not want to continue the lineage of ideological retardation that has pervaded the Students’ Union building in recent times

Not until our union leaders realize this, students will continue to see some of their leaders as incompetent; one whose tactics cannot work when in office. Therefore, we can only hope that, the new set of executives get it right from the outset so that, unlike our erstwhile leaders we can indeed have a better union and be the “first and best” in actions too.


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