​By Annie Rowland

So the old chorus goes thus:

Take your time and work very hard

For the days are rolling by

Opportunity once lost 

Can never be regained

Do not waste your golden time

For the days are rolling by……………….

Sure you have heard the semester has been extended by two weeks, so you decide to ease off a bit. SURELY,  all work and no play makes Ade, Umar and Chinedu dull boys. Yes, the series of freshers’ welcome has ended, same as the endless journeys to hostels for campaign and so also should the bouts of busy-doing-nothing should equally end too, because after play, work resumes! It is only wise that you plan to make good use of this extra time for the days are rolling by and the day of reckoning draws nigh! Truth be told, flexing will never be enough so will sleep too. So in case you are still immersed in the euphoria of strikes which has long ended or you are still trying to nurse the wounds of defeat, make haste. 

In a matter of weeks the graveyard silence in KDL will turn to a beehive. Then everyone will be forced to put on the serious mood, booking permanent seats,  beds and mats, deceiving no one but themselves. Well, as the saying goes, ’He who fails to plan has already planned to fail. So before that time comes, heed these salient warnings:

1. Read to Know: This is the only way to remove the anxiety of the forthcoming exams. Reading to know is a fast diminishing practice in modern day educational system. When one reads to know, it removes boundaries of only reading for academic examination. Rather, it expands your knowledge on a certain topic and makes reading more interesting. No doubt there is less pressure reading with the aim of just knowing than having an examination in view.

2. Do Away with Procrastination: This factor is a thief of time, leaving so many things undone that they get clustered up so that the very thought of catching up gives you a cardiac arrest. This puzzle can only be solved by self. Why put off what can be done today to tomorrow? Tomorrow has its own problems to bear. Do what needs to be done today so you will have tomorrow to take care of its own problems

3. Cut some Ties: Some time wasted doing nothing in particular can be redirected to better things. Time spent gossiping, chatting, visiting, etc could be used studying especially now that time is not a friend. A word is enough for the wise.

4. Get in Sync: If at this point you still don’t feel ‘in the mood’ to study, then something is wrong. Maybe you should think of why you are here and talk some sense into yourself

5. Seek help if need be: Pride goes before a fall. It is the greatest downfall of man. Point is know when to ask for help rather than pretend you know it all, because no one does. Identify grey areas in any course and seek help from the right persons. Know when to stoop low to conquer. It is easier to start studying early than crash-read what will wipe off the memory the moment you step out of the exam hall. Selah! 


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