Life becomes a necessity when we have to live it. You are either alive or six feet below the ground and when you are on neither ends of the rope you’ve simply not being brought into existence for ex nihilo nihil fit (Out of nothing comes nothing). 

 Life is the connection between Man’s personal and impersonal activities, the relation to a supreme-being and Nature. As such, when this connection is severed or non-existing it is believed life in its real essence is lost or meaningless in results. Little wonder Man always wants to be identified with a deity or Nature as this is a default setting he has been programmed to function in right from the foundation of the world. Do not let this be new to you, many articles overtime have been written extensively in respect to this subject topic, life.  Broad as it may be it is interesting to know that it has been and can also be summed up into phrases and clauses by people cutting across different facet of the globe, hence, no one definition is owed to life but as it is, life is perceived from the photographer’s viewfinder, the shallow or deep depth of field of activities borne on the wings of perspective.

From a very young age I had come to reason out life in different ways not until recently when I had a shift in paradigm. Like all other kids it was either life was fair or unfair taken from the kind of background one came from, you were either rich or poor no dilly-dallying. If your family was rich providence wanted it to be so, if they were poor the same providence  could also be held responsible for it, what we Call ”destiny” was playing out in this scenario.

Moreover, I personally viewed it as a mother with mood swings, a diabolical mother who in her menstrual period would at times be all nice and sweet and at other times all moody and worked up, I had no part to play in its activities I was only a passerby receptive at everything it threw at me even if it was shit. Funny enough many of us still haven’t outgrown this childish way of viewing our life, we are still bent on living under the same roof of ignorance yet seeking meaning to the kind of life we live, my brother “ooleri”.

When we have questions in respect to such one-sided mentality of life it only bereaves us to take a stroll from the confining four walls of ignorance into some light of knowledge. 

The downside in remaining in such inglorious perception is that we will virtually live the greater part of our lives in uncertainty and at the very breast of mother “Fate” sucking both the nutritional and ( when eventually she grows old) non nutritional milk of destiny. I trust many of us having lyrically stumbled upon “no one knows tomorrow” (the popular but infamous musical notes of a seemingly confused popular Afropop artiste who has little or no idea on the right attitude toward life) have made it our philosophical thought on the subject matter, permit me to say this is hazardous to such lip singers as your tomorrow could be carefully planned and its activities therein, known. This is not to downplay any musician but to call our “attitude” towards the very things that translates into our life that is, Man’s personal and impersonal activities, the relation to a supreme-being and nature.

Attitude is everything. It is the first reaction to a situation that resolves into another situation, not just attitude will suffice but having the right attitude will do also. The right attitude towards life is to know that you determine the course of your future, that’s no job of fate. Knowing this will help you weigh the costs and effects of your decisions before putting them to act. Would there be unforeseen circumstances? Yes there will be but your reactions to them is what matters most. You are in the best place to take charge of such situations and put them to optimal use and when they don’t seem yielding don’t give up to “fate” there are many ways to skin a cat and you own this particular cat so don’t quit easily. You can change every situation in your life for good and it all starts by developing the right attitude towards the situation because you own it not fate. Hence we can make anything from our lives and the most important one would be making it count.

”It’s your life it is necessary you live it don’t sell it out to fate, make it count”.

Isaac Lijadu.

For comments and observations message Isaac Lijadu on 08163117779 or 3hillz01@gmail.com


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