The slay mamas of our time. We hail o!!! Always slaying on social media. Flaunting dopemake – up, hairdos, beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, cars and the likes. It is a good thing to be beautiful and dress well. It is also not a big deal if you show it to the world via social media. And we call these people, or they call themselves slay queens and kings, which is good, but the question on my mind is; are they really slay kings and queens??? Do they own everything they are using to slay??? Well, you may say it is none of my business. Hmmn, you are right it may be none of my business but we have the right to our personal opinions as humans.

Slay queen that borrows her friend’s clothes to an outing, gets there and takes pictures in the sophisticatedly-decorated places and post on social media pictures of the places, talks about how blessed she is, when in reality she lives in a room apartment and manages to feed herself two times a day. Slay queen, abeg who your lie epp?? The people or you?? I just dey pity you. 

Slaying is good but it is not a must that you slay when you do not have what it takes to do that. I love slaying, no doubt about that but mehn, I ain’t got money for that yet and I’m waiting for the right time to do that. Slay queen and slay king, we love seeing you slay but we do not want you to deceive us with pictures of accessories that are not yours. 

Let me let you know that even some of our celebrities are not actually the real owner of what they claim to be slaying about. Our beloved ‘Limpopo’ crooner, Kcee put a picture of money that is not his on Instagram and he was disgraced as the rightful owner of the picture called him out on Instagram. In fact, the owner even claimed that Kcee edited the picture and removed his hand so that the picture might look like Kcee’s. The owner of the picture posted it in February and Kcee posted it April.Oga, but why?? All because you want to slay?? Case closed!

Also, Oge Okoye was harassed on social media for claiming that the dogs (King and Twirl) ofa Hollywood star (Kenya Moore)were hers. Mama wanted to slay but they didn’t allow her slay. Although, she later deleted the pictures but people cannot forget such incident in a hurry.

Sometimes, people also slay in pain. The actress Mercy Aigbe was slaying for long before the story of her abusive marriage came out. Well, we don’t know how true it is because she disclaimed such news in an interview years ago and her husband also said he does not beat his wife. But are those pictures not evidence enough, we don’t know what to believe. We just hope it is not true. But she is sure a slay queen on social media. Every girl’s dream albeit most girls must be having a rethink now. All that glitters is not gold truly.

These are the stories that we are privileged to hear about. Don’t pretend to be what you are not all in the name of slaying. You don’t need to lie before people respect you; be yourself and you will really slay. There are people who are the really correct slay queen and king but they worked to earn the “title”. The likes of Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Folorunsho Alikija should be tagged slay kings and queen but they don’t show off their personal effects or gadgets. Biko, just be yourself, and save us the embarrassment of watching you fail at slaying. love yourself and if you choose to continue to lie or pretend to be slaying with other people’s property while in fact you sleep in a-room apartment, wehdone sir, wehdone ma. Oyo is your case. I don talk my own.



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