​By Adekola Uthman

Arsenal F.C. and Tottenham Hotspur have, on Saturday, 29th April 2017, locked horns and one has bowed to the other. Tottenham showed Arsenal who the boss was, as they dominated the match and eventually won over Arsenal with the score being 2-0, despite Arsene Wenger’s new 3-4-3 formation.

As Tottenham fanatics, on the one hand, would definitely have been gleeful about their victory; Arsenal fanatics, on the other hand, would have felt so dismal and disappointed; owing to Arsenal’s failure to make optimal use of the opportunity left ajar by Manchester United’s and Manchester City’s failure to win their previous matches. If Arsenal had been able to beat Tottenham, they could have earned themselves a chance of being in the top four; but the reverse is the case, asthey remain in their 6th position.

The match was a tough one on the path of arsenal while it was more like a mere plaything for Tottenham. This is because Tottenham dominated the game as they had more possession of the ball while Arsenal only fruitlessly struggled to yield goals through counterattacks. Again, Tottenham was able to get more shots on target than arsenal did get—at a difference of 11-4. At the first half-time of the match, the two teams were able to get a few chances but were not able to convert any of these chancesinto goals.

The second half-time started with both of the teams ready not to give in to each other. Arsenal put in more energy but only to eventually get thrashed. After ten minutes into the second half-time (55min.), Dele Alli got the net receiving the ball and it was a goal; making 1-0. While Arsenal was still looking out for a chance of conceding, Tottenham gave another hit of the ball which went right into the net—Harry Kane had been foully tackled and it was a penalty. Kane took the penalty and got the ball rolling down the bottom corner of the net; thereby, resulting in a 2-0 score against Arsenal F.C.

Towards the end of the match, the game got moretensed and competitive, especially with Arsenal waking but still unable to earn themselves any goal. Tottenham would not allow their opponent a single goal as their defence line remained a firm barricade.  Also, Tottenham never stopped disturbing Arsenal’s defence line as they could have even scored more goals; but for the good saves from Arsenal’s resilient keeper, Petr Cech.

The victory of Tottenham, therefore, gives them a glittering hope of eventually ending the league as one of the top four teams; thereby, probably finishing above Arsenal after more than two decades. This is a quite impressive and laudable development for Tottenham Hotspur. Arsenal have got to buff up if they ever dream to get themselves back on track.


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