Kazeem Adeleke

1. Manchester United never finished outside the top 3 in the Premier League under Sir Alex Ferguson and they have not finished inside the top 3 since he left.

2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a product of AC Milan’s youth Academy. He was sold for £1million in 2011 after being labelled as “useless”.

3. 20% of the babies born in La Paz, Bolivia are named after Neymar Da Silva.

4. Greece had never won a single match at a major tournament in their history before winning the Euro 2004 title.

5. David Alaba is the first and only Austrian player to lift the Champions League trophy.

6. John Terry was a Man United fan as a child.

7. Manuel Neuer once won £500,000 in “Who wants to be a millionaire” and donated it to charity.

8. Since Liverpool last won a league title, David DeGea has been born, grown up, signed for Manchester United and won the league himself.

9. Robin Van Persie is an atheist.

10. When Robinho was signing his Manchester City deal, he thought he was signing for Manchester United as he thought Man United is the only football club in Manchester.


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