“Says who? Did we steal it? Did we ask her to be careless or did we steal her sanity? Why should we be asked to return what we did not take?” Ada, my roommate blabbed on.  

“Na you get story wey you na wan share. As far as I know, I am not going to contribute any bloody money!” Mary exploded in anger.

“So, how you wan take get the thief?” I asked with keen interest.

“Let the rest of our roommates arrive. You guys should trust me…” That was Mary with mischief dancing in her eyes. 

Mary Mary. Na you; only you o. The number one mama on this floor.

Ko ko ko

“Who is there?” Mary asked.

“It is I. Angelina.”



“I am coming.”

“Yes?” Chichi asked after opening the door.

“Well, I am Angelina. The one whose phone got missing.”

“Ehn and what do you want?” Kemi, the violent one flared up.

“Shey this girl no fit cool down for a sec make she no get hypertension. Dis na past twelve and I no fit carry any person go Jaja.”

“See, you guys should try to understand me. I did not tell the porters that you stole the phones. She asked if anyone was aware of the missing phone and I told her that your roommate was. I do not even know her name so why will I accuse her of what she did not do? I have even gone to plead with the porters if they could forget about the phone and let me buy a new one by myself but they said that they won’t because your roommate was rude to them. They said that…..”

“I? I was rude? You see. Can you hear what I was saying? Firstly, I was accused of stealing; now, it is ‘being rude’. Wait oh! Who opened the door for you sef? If it is about your phone, you will get it next week. Have a nice day!”

“Ehn ehn ehn! Chioma what are u saying?” Mary flared up. “Buy what? See young lady. E bi like set you done chop craze. Before I open my eyes make you disappear!”

“What is going on here?”

Ewo, who call porter come this place? Yawa don gas…to be continued next week…

Olayiwola Faith Adedolapo


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