By Tope Lanre Bello

The Faculty Legislative Council (FLC) of the Association of Faculty of Arts’ Students (AFAS) has impeached its clerk, Hon. Ayo Oyekanmi of the Religious Studies constituency.

Miss Oyekanmi was accused of being negligent of her duties as she failed to deliver a certain letter of summon to the suspended Director of Information and Publicity of the Association, Adebayo Badmus. The letter was supposed to have got to Mr Badmus on Friday but the latter did not get the letter until 12:00pm on Monday, 22nd May, 2017.
The attention of the Council was drawn to her inefficiency by Hon. Abdulsalam of the Arabic and Islamic Constituency while Hon. Haroon also from Arabic and Islamic Constituency moved a motion that she be impeached from her position.
The impeached clerk would thereafter be removed from the House if she failed to attend any of the three consecutive sittings of the Council.
Meanwhile, the former Deputy Clerk of the FLC, Hon. Ibidun Olaniyi had been made the acting Clerk of the House pending the time the Faculty management would deem it fit to swear her in. The position of the Deputy Clerk has therefore been declared vacant for interested members of the Council to contest.


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